Buy PatternMaster Code Black Goose Choke Tube


Code Black® Goose Choke Tubes by PatternMaster® are designed specifically to deliver a tight shot pattern with a short shot string to effectively down geese at long range. A short shot string is more effective on flying targets as the pellets strike the target all at once; where as flying targets tend to pass through drawn out shot strings with few pellets striking them. And, more pellets hitting at once increases the intial foot pounds of energy. Code Black Goose Choke Tubes are especially advantageous when goose hunting with 3-1/2″ shotgun shells that are notorious for producing long, drawn out shot strings, though they work equally well with 2-3/4″ and 3″ shells; and they work equally well with steel and lead shot. Patternmaster choke tubes are made of heat-treated stainless steel and are finished with a non-reflective bronze titanium coating. Tubes extend 1-1/2″ out the barrel and are ported to reduce muzzle jump, aiding the shooter for faster follow up shots. Not for use with shotgun shells containing flight control wads, or with or shotgun slugs.

  • Designed to down geese at max range
  • Deliver short shot strings
  • Extra tight patterns
  • Work with all shell lengths
  • Made of heat-treated stainless steel
  • Non-reflective bronze titanium coating
  • Ported to reduce muzzle jump