Buy Montana Decoy Inc. Cow Elk Collapsible Decoy Combo – Eichler Elk


A collaboration between Montana Decoy and noted elk outfitter Fred Eichler, this lightweight decoy offers lightweight convenience and a special string hanging system. Utilizing Eichler’s favorite decoy pose, this ”facing” cow elk decoy gives big bull elk something to look while investigating your cow calls. A true Montana Decoy, this photo realistic cow elk decoy is made of a durable polyester fabric durable enough to take on the elements without losing any quality. The spring steel band inside the body holds the body erect and allows it to be collapsed into an easily transportable size quickly and easily. For support, fiberglass poles with steel step stakes are included. The Eichler Elk decoy also comes with a special string hanging system you can use over hard ground or rocky areas where the poles won’t work. Decoy body features a high quality picture printed on both sides, giving this 2D decoy that 3D look. Also comes with elk hunting DVD featuring tips, tactics, and hunts from Eichler. 60”H x 47”W. Collapsed 22” x 13” x 2”. Weight: 39 oz. Imported.
Manufacturer model #: EICHLER ELK.

  • Deadly effective Montana Decoy cow elk decoy with special hanging system
  • Designed by noted elk outfitter Fred Eichler
  • Facing pose – photo realistic quality
  • Quick easy setup and takedown
  • Collapsible for easy transport
  • Durable polyester fabric – handles the elements
  • Supported with fiberglass poles and steel step stakes
  • Comes with string hanging system for use over hard ground or rocky areas

Whether you are hunting with a gun, bow, or 35mm, a good decoy is a method that works whenever you hunt, wherever you hunt! And Montana Decoy Inc. decoys are the ones to have, with their photo realistic presentation and technologically advanced design. Compact, lightweight, durable, and realistic, every decoy design is field tested again and again for success before it is offered to hunters. Every Montana decoy also offers the option of folding down into a small enough package to fit into a backpack or carrying case! Quick and easy setup, quick and easy takedown, easy to carry, realistic, and deadly effective. What more could you want in a decoy?